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The Late Matthew Brown

                                                          (a novel)

Matthew Brown is a rising star in

the “New South” political machine.




He’s also, he knows, a complete fraud. 

Finch Lane Gallery Series
       w/ Paul Ketzle & Jim Ure
April 27, 2017
7:00 p.m.

"[A] wholly original novel, one that gallops along, crackling with satire and insight. With assured and incisive prose, he casts a skewering lens on a New South and its fast-and-loose relationship with its history."                                                         —Rae Meadows

"Funny, touching, true — a delightful read."         —Janet Burroway

Utah Original Writing Competition First Prize
 The Great Novel Competition Runner-Up
15 Bytes Book Award Finalist

The Sense of Stories



Human beings are, at core, story-oriented beings. We tell them. We like to listen to them, read them, watch them. In short, we need them, in all their messy, emotional, illogical, maddening glory. And they are also yet another avenue by which we pursue truth, just as real and vital as—if often different from—our methods of science, our induction and deduction, our cold, hard logic.


When I write stories, it's because I'm struck by something—an idea, an image, a circumstance—and I am trying to work my way through it. Sometimes I abandon them; sometimes they work.  But in all of them, there's still a striving after, the search for a truth.


Stories are in our DNA. It's become more and more clear to me how much we think in terms of narratives. Sure, we like to flatter ourselves that we are logical beings who reach our fine opinions based only upon the objective facts.  


But the simple truth, I think, is that we're really just waiting for someone to tell us a better story.


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