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The Late Matthew Brown

                                                          (a novel)

"Funny, touching, true -- a delightful read."                                                                      Janet Burroway

Matthew Brown is a rising star in

the “New South” political machine.




He’s also, he knows, a complete fraud. 

Utah Original Writing Competition First Prize                                          The Great Novel Competition Runner-Up

"A year ago we each had no idea of the other,  

"Paul Ketzle has written a wholly original novel, one that gallops along, crackling with satire and insight. With assured and incisive prose, he casts a skewering lens on a New South and its fast-and-loose relationship with its history."

                                                             Rae Meadows

had no idea we even existed."

The Sense of Stories


I am a writer who teaches, a teacher who writes, and I aspire to be a student of all around me.


Human beings are story-telling animals.



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